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Performance wise, Jyoti Singh puts in an incredible performance as Yadvi. Her subtle and soft expressions reveal a strong woman who, despite seeing things crumbling around her, is resolute in her decisions and convictions. You feel her pain and her small joys simply by virtue of what Jyoti conveys without even saying any dialogues, rendering not only a memorable performance but also an example of how emotions can convey so much without resorting to being over the top.

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"Yadvi: The Dignified Princess", which is in English, and has been screened at various film festivals across the country, has been warmly embraced by viewers. Some of the film festivals where the film has been honored in various categories include the North Carolina International South Asian Film Festival, Rishikesh Art & Film Festival, Rajasthan Intl. Film Festival, 4th Indian Cine Film Festival and Global Film Competition.

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If you are a history lover or find biographies of extraordinary people motivating. Also, not every day a film on India's royal history comes from a source as authentic as a royal family member; in this case Jyoti Singh. A little bit of drama, a little bit of history and a little bit of biography is not a bad idea.

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The film will talk about true struggle and equality, which is deliberately taken from the India history as more. Under the banner of RVP production, the film is bankrolled by actor-director-producer, Jyoti Singh. With the music of Anuj Garg, the film will take you to a different level.

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A compelling, unflinching glimpse into the private life of Indian royalty during a time of change, and great loss. Yadvi is an exceptional female character, unlike any ordinary leading lady. The film's pace allows the viewer to become a part of this family, and to experience the events without the rushing of typical "Hollywood" movies. A rewarding experience, and beautiful filmmaking.


The film was screened Sunday and drew a discerning audience appreciative of independent cinema to the Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center at Montgomery College.

Film is true to life! Jyoti Singh, a New York-based actress, director and film maker, plays the lead role, that of her grandmother Maharani Yadhuvansh Kumari (1921-2006). Jyoti lived with her grandmother, fondly called Yadvi, until the age of 14 and believed she was best suited to portray her character.

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I am so glad I saw this film. Yadvi The Dignified Princess is a master work of cinema. This film transports the viewer to another time and place with lovely costumes all lit beautifully, accompanied by wonderful music. I could only hope for another movie like it.

A compelling, unflinching glimpse into the private life of Indian royalty during a time of change, and great loss. Yadvi is an exceptional female lead character, unlike any ordinary leading lady. Beautiful filmmaking. Thank you!